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Ben Lang knows what it is to get knocked down over and over, and come back swinging harder than ever, every time. The owner of Unleashed Boxing Gym has an unrelenting drive to grow and improve in every part of his life — no matter what obstacles get in his way — and he lives to help others do the same every day.

Ben has had plenty of tough times in life. Raised on the streets of Philadelphia, with a less than stable home life, Ben had to learn to fend for himself and survive on his own at a young age. Learning things the hard way and learning from his mistakes has set Ben up for success later in life. He thrives on embracing life’s struggles along with the amazing parts of it. He believes it’s important to stop wishing your life was easier and to fight for what you want. Successful people get back up every time life knocks them down, pushing through the hard times and proving the doubters wrong.

“You don’t get what you want simply by wanting it,” Ben says. “Nothing truly beautiful or worth having comes to you without the struggle.” Ben knows struggle first hand as evident by his sobriety and being in recovery from substance abuse issues he faced when he was younger.

Whether it’s through his work at Unleashed, philanthropy or motivational speaking as a top Realtor, Ben spends just about all of his time trying to inspire others. He likes to say it’s his “why” in life, and his reason for getting out of bed every morning. And knowing how his “why” propels him forward through even the toughest of times, Ben wants to help others find theirs too.

“When you find out what your ‘why’ is, you don’t sleep until you get it,” he says.

A major focus for Ben has always been to better the lives of the people around him, especially children. He first worked with at-risk youth volunteering as a boxing coach for the Police Athletic League in Lansing. That inspired his commitment to being a positive influence on young people.

“I opened Unleashed for the kids,” Ben says. “I want to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and think, I’m helping people, I’m happy with who I am, rather than, I have a large bank account. This whole thing is to change lives.”